Saturday, February 11, 2012


I did some Sprints this morning.  Love 'em.  While I was doing them I remembered an email I sent out to two lucky people (you know who you are) titled 'Sprinting Manifesto'.  I looked it up, and it was well over a year ago that I sent it - and I still feel the same way about Sprints today!

It's really just me being silly of course, but, that's how I roll.  Here it is for a laugh:

Sprinting is an exercise of the Gods

Think about it ... did the Gods skate ski, run marathons, or dope up with EPO and Clenbuterol to do Grand Tours?

No.  Zeus, Apollo, Mercury, Atlas - they lifted heavy things (oh I don't know, things like PLANET EARTH) and sprinted after people.  Like their enemies to snap them in half and tear out their hearts.  And hot women to make them part of their harem.

Did they do these things to become Gods?

No.  They did these things BECAUSE they were Gods.

So go do something Godlike today and run very
fast or pick up something really heavy.

There is a little supernatural in all of us

I'm actually planning on writing up a post detailing the ins and outs of my Sprints these days.  There are, of course, many different ways to go about them.  I just want to chime in on what's working for me.

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