Friday, March 30, 2012


Every time I went to the Front End of the store today at work, there was commotion about the record Lottery amount up for grabs.  Like a Bazillion dollars or something.  I've never personally bought a lottery ticket, but it seems a whole bunch of people sure do get excited about it.  I once heard a quote to the effect of:
The Lottery is a tax for people who don't know how to do Math
I think that's funny of course, but I don't hold it against folks when they spend their money this way ... it is their money after all. 

Actually, there can be some good to come out of the dreaming that sacks of money can prompt.  I mean beyond that huge McMansion, private jet, and Rolls Royce most of us would get first.  Where would you live?  Would you travel more?  Would you change your diet if money was no object?  How about getting a personal trainer?  If you could donate lots of money to charitable foundations, which ones would you choose and why?

It's then cool to see if making some of these things happen in your life right now is possible.  Could you indeed travel more, live somewhere else or change your diet in your current situation?  Maybe you couldn't with quite the pomp and circumstance if money was coming out of your ears, but you still might be able to do them nonetheless.  Or perhaps you could turn some of these dreams into reasonable goals for yourself. 

So maybe some introspective, selfish dreaming that playing the Lottery brings on isn't such a bad thing after all.  It's just too bad the the good old Government is going to take a major slice of the winnings and use it to buy pink slime to feed our kids with at school (touche).

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