Thursday, April 26, 2012


I wore my Team Rwanda cycling jersey for the first time on a ride today.  My friend is a member of the board for the Rwandan National Team and gave it to me as a gift this past xmas.  She's also over there right now donating her time and skills as an architect for an orphanage.  You go girl!

So at the end of my ride I ran into Zach, who used to work with us at the store.  I showed him the jersey and he was very excited - he's from Cote d'Ivoire (the Ivory Coast).  Turns out he knew that the Moroccans are some of the best cyclists on the African continent and also knew about the Tour de Faso.  I think he was very surprised that I not only knew these things too, but that I've seen the Tour de Faso on television several times. And that I knew the Eritreans also produce some top notch cyclists.

Now what are the chances that the first time you wear your cycling jersey from a small African nation you run into an African who knows about cycling?  This stuff only happens in Aspen I tell you.  Only in Aspen.

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