Thursday, December 6, 2012

Purple Rice

Part of the rearrangement of my eating and workout schedule sees me eating some simple carbs and protein right after a workout in the evening.  Most Meat-heads recommend a shake for this, but I'm into whole foods.  Check out my coolio solution:

Rice and Eggs

Here's how this train wreck happened.  A couple of days ago I got some Okinawan yams from our store, which, as you might guess, have a meaty purple flesh.  Since they tend to turn out very dry when baked, I instead peeled and diced them, and then boiled em up in a pot.  When finished,  I didn't want to waste the water which undoubtedly had inherited some nutrients from the cooking process - so I saved it for later use.  That use turned out to be the water for cooking my white rice in the evening.  Genius!  It imparts a nice flavor to the rice if I do say so myself.  

There, my very own little contribution to the the culinary world.  You're welcome.


The Primalist said...

"It imparts a nice flavor" <-- very slippery slope leading to becoming a foodie... you might cross over to the dark side yet!

Aaron said...

Never say never, right?

My taste buds sure got spoiled last night at Matsuhisa (got HOOKED up by my Burmese friend who is a sushi chef there now).

The dark side sure can taste yummy.