Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pump it out

Holy moly, I have no words for this.  I'm just speechless. 

Someone in the article summed it up by calling it an 'automatic Bulimia machine'


Here is the article for the brave:


MAS said...

That is one high tech feather. :)

Aaron said...

Yep. So much so that in the FAQ section of their website they even have a section titled 'how is this different from bulimia'

Still scratching my head over this one man. What in the world is next?

The Primalist said...


I'm torn between a) it was only a matter of time and b) omg facepalm

I kinda wish I hadn't watched the video..

Aaron said...

Dean Kamen, the inventor of this thing (at least partly), is one brilliant dude that has come up with a bunch genuine technologies that help people. We're talking things like portable dialysis machines to water filtration systems to automated wheelchairs.

A concern of mine is that someone this smart may actually believe a reverse feeding tube will benefit obese people in some safe manner.

But then again, I have concerns with this thing on so many levels I don't even know where to begin. Sigh.