Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas cookie kryptonite

I've made it to Oregon and I'm settling in here with my brother and his family.  I plan to take some time off before I start the next chapter of my life, whatever that may be.  Perhaps I'll even do a bit of traveling around this area to check out my new home.

As I've mentioned before my sister in law is a registered dietician of the conventional wisdom type and we stay away from the nutrition talk, which is totally fine.  And as much as I cringe at the majority of food choices in their household, I'm big enough to stay quiet.  What do I know anyway, I learn everything from the internet machine

Okay, I'm not going to use this forum to gripe about their eating habits.  I'm just going to poke fun now and again.  Like the following.

You know I'm not dogmatic in my approach to nutrition in general and paleo/primal in particular.  I also consider myself pretty darn healthy and don't sweat it when I have gluten or seed oils on rareish occasions.  So I figured being with the family and all it was going to be cool to partake in some holiday baking and have a treat or two.  I wasn't at all going to blink about having some gluten.  And then came out the kryptonite.  CRISCO.  Lots and lots of Crisco.  In the mix and on the pans. It was enough for me to only man up and take a 'bite' of one of the kids treats.   My 'bite' would be stretching the definition of the word really.  I know it wouldn't have been the end of the world and all, but I just thought it funny how much of a turn off that was for me personally at this point.  I believe that stuff would better serve as lubricant on the bottom bracket of my bicycle.  I considered asking nicely if we could use butter to make one of the recipes and then realized that their idea of butter is the country crock spread in their fridge, which is, as you can guess, made from seed oils.  Ah well, at least I have chocolate to cheer me up.

I'll admit to making cookies and such with shortening growing up (right mom!)  The difference now is that they make it in 'sticks' like butter in addition to the big tubs we used to get.  Oh, and that I've learned a thing or three from the interweb thingy about nutrition as well.  I wonder if they think I'm crazy paying so much for real pastured butter?  On second thought, never mind that question

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