Thursday, May 24, 2012

Have a Catch

1.  When two or more people stand at a distance and throw an object back and forth while shooting the breeze.
2.  Bliss in action
sentence:  Turn off the boob tube and let's go have a catch!

Family catch
I'm headed to Portland, Oregon at the end of next week and I'm very much looking forward to having a catch with my bro and my nephew (he can catch now ... amazing what can happen in 6 months).  We usually toss around a football or a lacrosse ball, but it's not the object in motion that's important.  It's about slowing things down, relaxing, chatting, and spending some time outdoors in the sun.  It's way cool.

My brother and I grew up having catches and I miss them dearly.  Unfortunately, it's like pulling teeth to get my few friends here to do it.  Most of them would rather bike 50 miles and then run up a mountain to feel like they accomplished something (we have quite the athletic crowd here).  Having a catch would be a waste of time to them.  It's probably my own fault as I was the one who fell for the whole mountain exercise madness when I first got here, becoming one of the 'locals'.  Oh well.  It's too bad though because, as you can tell, I believe there's something magical about catches.  It's like free therapy.  And if you throw some BBQ on the grill to go with it, WELL, call it Heaven.  

The fresh air and invigorating physical movement provided by catches should also not be overlooked by chair-locked office workers as an occasional lunch break alternative.  You don't have to be at the beach or in a backyard to toss a ball around ... a parking lot or alleyway will work fine in most cases (read Nerf ball).  Sure, going for a walk would be awesome too, I'm just saying that if you want to mix in some magic now and then, go have a catch.


The Primalist said...

I love throwing a frisbee around. There's something so simple and enjoyable about it. Even just watching people play frisbee makes me happy. Have fun in Portland!

Aaron said...

Simple and enjoyable ... yes please!