Saturday, May 5, 2012

Picture Post

This is what you get for living High.  I'm talking about altitude of course.  All six of those seaweed snacks were in the sleeve when I opened it, but as you can plainly see five are a tight fit.  This is what happens when too much air is put into products at low altitudes and then trucked up to us here in the Mountains.  At least we can sell these, whereas I'd say about 5% of the chips we get are completely burst open.  And  you can always tell by the way someone opens yogurt if they are from up High or not.  Those of us living in the clouds always open the tab on yogurt pointing away from us.  Otherwise we're likely to be wearing it.

I saw this product on our shelves the other day.  Horchata is a traditional Hispanic beverage made in several different styles.  However, as you can see (click to enlarge) there is absolutely nothing traditional about the ingredients other than the last two.  I know there's a lot of products out there that are pure junk like this one so it's certainly not unique.  I just found it ironic that here we have a 'traditional' item made in homes for hundreds of years turned into a chemistry project.

This car is in the parking lot where I live.  Jet Fuel Only huh?  Mmm ... must be one of those European models.  I suppose what's under the bonnet is more important than outward appearances.

Kinda like me.  I may not be the snazziest of dressers, but I got it where it counts.

Paleo Fuel Only.      Well, mostly anyways.

Far from home.  This is 'art' in someones yard in town.  The distances are actually accurate as far as the crow flies.  Or the private jet in this case.  It leads into my next post in which I'll ask why we're so far off the mark with our everyday lives concerning what is good for us.

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