Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exception to the Rule

Living the good life
This picture, and I suppose this whole blog in general, is my reply to today's comment of the week on Mark's Daily Apple - Weekend Link Love edition (essentially saying that health food store employees are wimpy veg. heads).

I've been managing the 'Health Food' store here in Aspen since 1998.  Never been a vegetarian let alone a vegan. I order whole goats and quarter buffaloes.  I sprint fast and lift intensely (and safely).   And I'm not even new to this party ... I recall picking up a  copy of The No Grain Diet in 04' and The Paleo Diet for Athletes in 05'

Booyah.  On my own unique path as usual!


Chuck said...

you definitely don't fit the stereotype you meat eating muscle head ;)

Aaron said...

And darn proud of it :)

What's that saying we always toss about in these circles ... oh yes, 'Lead by Example'