Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

In an ironic twist of weather, it clouded up and rained all afternoon here.  Which is good for the fire danger, but not so good for all of the people who piled into town to celebrate.  Ah well, at least it was fine for the parade which started at noon.  We always have a nice little hometown parade with firetrucks, veterans, kids on bikes, horses, dogs ... you know, the usual stuff.

And speaking of the parade, when I walked up to view a half hour or so of the fun during my lunch break as I do every year, there was a moment that had me in stitches laughing so hard that I just have to share.  Unfortunately, I have to use a stock photo of what happened as I don't have one of those fancy phones with a camera and everything.  As a matter of fact, I do believe I have one of the oldest working cell phones in the country.  I suppose I could go get a fancy new one, but I figure if the thing is going to keep on ticking, I might as well  honor it's durability.  Seriously, in cell phone years my phone is like 752.  Right, anyway, back to the story.  New in the parade this year was the gang from Bleeker Street gym.  This is a longtime 'meathead' gym here in town.  As in a bodybuilding gym - not a CrossFit type one (I do think we have one of those here now too, but it's not on my radar).  On their way down the parade route they had a few big dudes taking turns flipping a huge ass tire down the middle of the street. 

It was impressive in a tire flipping sort of way if you know what I mean, but what had me laughing so hard was when they passed by, one of the people in the crowd near me yelled   'Hey, it's a wheel ... just roll it!'

Exactly.  Why do we always have to make things so complicated anyway?

Happy Birthday America.


The Primalist said...

You may want to check SAR ratings on your current phone and any future phones - just a suggestion, as they vary widely..

Aaron said...

I've come to the conclusion that SAR ratings are only a small part of the potential danger of cell phones. It's far more important to keep the thing away from your head (link at bottom)
I use a corded earpiece with a ferrite bead and have ever since I got the phone back in the paleolithic era.
If I got a new one I would make sure it had a good speaker phone feature or (hold my breath) text with it. I'm not a texter person - I just don't communicate on a daily basis with enough people for that to be a benefit. Although I do concede that for uber busy people texting might be useful.

The Primalist said...

I tread carefully with this cell phone stuff because a surprising amount of people (i.e. most) still think cell phones are safe.

Is your earpiece / headset airtube? It was painful to learn that regular headsets just act as antennas. I've heard of ferrite beads, but didn't know if they actually work?

I use an air tube headset, but they keep breaking. So for the most part I use speakerphone. And of course use a landline whenever possible.

I still care about SAR though because it varies widely from phone to phone. And since I still surf the web a lot on it, hold it in my hand while on speakerphone, text quite a bit, and carry it in my purse, I want that rating as low as possible.

Aaron said...

I tried the airtube headset a couple of times, but ran into the same thing you did ... they break quickly.

In the end, I'm just glad I don't have to use my phone a lot.

To this same subject, I don't use wireless for my computer here at home, but living in an apartment complex with everybody else using it, it's probably moot.