Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Guest Post

Me and Mom
Today I'm happy to share with you my first guest post - by none other than my mother!  I can't express to you how important it is to me having her on board with this lifestyle.  For her health of course, but also to have a family member to talk this stuff over with (she is my sounding board for a lot of ideas that end up here).

I read a lot in the paleoshpere about how people try to get loved ones started on this path, and how frustrating it can become.  My Mom didn't buy into this stuff right away, but I kept planting the seeds and eventually she read some Paleo books that tipped the scales for her.  It's extremely reassuring to know that she now has the interest and patience to pursue healthier lifestyle choices.  However, I also know the flip side of the coin as my brother and his wife (a standard RD) have no interest in this stuff.  Actually, they flat out just think we're nuts.  They 'tolerate' us eating differently than them when we go to visit.

Alright, enough of that, here is the guest post.  It's a bit short, which I think speaks more to my Mom's dearth of writing in the past years, because normally she is quite a bit more talkative than myself (although I am becoming better!).


                                                              I know better, BUT.......

Since Aaron encouraged me to join this "Paleo Lifestyle" I have learned a lot about my body and not all of it good!  I know that I'm an emotional eater and addicted to sweets.  What I didn't know is that I obviously have some kind of grain sensitivity.  Giving up grain was not extremely difficult for me but occasionally I'll "fall off the wagon" even though I know what the consequences will be.  A night of lousy sleep with digestive issues.  Because sleep does not come easily for me (thanks to a career of working the night shift) you would think that would be enough of an incentive for me to "be good".  Sometimes it might be social pressure -"can't you go off your diet once in a while" (why don't people understand that this is not a diet??), or maybe it's just that the pastry looks so darn good, but whatever - I suffer.  Needless to say, I'm then mad at myself.  SO, thank you son for encouraging and helping me with this wonderful lifestyle where I feel ever so much better.  BUT, can I please have some of your determination and willpower.....

Mama Aspen Paleo


MAS said...

Nice job motivating Mama Aspen Paleo. Meanwhile my mom sprays Pam on her George Foreman grill, eats fake butter and loves Dr. Oz.

Aaron said...

That's gotta be hard to see. I know if my Mom ate that way, it would frustrating for me. I'd still love her unconditionally, but knowing what I know, it would be hard to see.

And a question for you Mom. You say that giving up grains wasn't extremely difficult for you. I do remember hearing 'I could never give up bread' more than a few times though. You liked bread so much that one year I sent you that sourdough sampler package from Boudin in San Fransisco.

So was giving it up a matter of wrapping your head around it not being healthy, or that it causes you distress if you eat it? Or something else?

Aaron said...
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Aaron said...

Mama Aspen Paleo was having trouble with the comment feature so I'll just put her response here:

When I started my Paleo 30 day trial, I was pretty strict with it. Giving up grain was rather difficult, but feeling so much better - constant energy, no more sleepiness after dinner - made it worthwhile. As my body became adjusted to not having grain I found that the occasional lapse would give me digestive upsets and a sleepless night. Most of the time, eating grain is not worth the consequences. BUT, if you put a loaf of Boudin sourdough bread in front of me, I might accept a sleepless night :)

The Primalist said...

That's awesome that your mom's on board. I'm grateful that both my parents hopped on the paleo bandwagon right along with me. I can't imaging having to watch them eat stuff that I knew was bad for them.

This stood out for me in your mom's post: "can't you go off your diet once in a while". Seems like sometimes it feels like I'd be eating or drinking something to make other people happy. They just don't get it, they think that I'm suffering or something. But their insistence to "just try a bite, it won't kill ya" makes me think that it bothers them in some way that I'm eating clean and they're not. I feel that I'd be eating the crap for them, to make them feel better about themselves, rather than for me. No thanks!

Aaron said...

Yeah, I often get the feeling that people think I'm depriving myslef too.

I'm a big boy though, and can make my own decisions. If I want the torture of forcing myself to eat grass fed meat, eggs, fishies, butter, fruits and veggies, then I'm the only one to blame ;)