Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quarter Buffalo

I picked up my quarter buffalo at the farmers market this morning.  As you can see from the inventory and pics it's quite the mix.  There are around 70 individual packages total. Unfortunately there was no kidney, actually, they dropped the ball on my offal request and just gave me some of what they had on hand (as you can see from the clear retail packaging on those).  She said they had been feeding that stuff to their dogs.  People just don't seem to realize that some of us treasure organ meats, hence my request.  They offered to have some for me next week, but I'm going on vacation to Portland so I had to pass.  Just a quibble really, because I did get heart, liver, soup bones, and one big honking tongue.  I started purchasing meat in bulk like this a couple of years ago and truly believe it's the way to go.  Now I have a supply of wonderfully nutritious and delicious meat for the entire winter.  Love it!

Ground   33
Just right
NY Steaks   2
Cubed round steak   4
Rump roast   1
Round roast    1
Tenderloin    1
Short ribs     4
Hanging tender   1
Chuck arm roast    2
Stew meat   4
Back ribs  1
Sirloin steak   4
Ribeye steak   2
Brisket    1 
Chuck Roast   2
English Roast   1
Flank  1 (tiny one)
Skirt    1 (also tiny)

Soup Bones 3

I had to look up English Roast.  It's a cut taken from the shoulder traditionally roasted for Sunday dinner in England.  Maybe I'll save that for Easter and get all fancy and stuff.


Chuck said...

i am curious how much that cost you per pound? buffalo is not very common in ohio and is pretty expensive.

Aaron said...

They're now basing the price on $4/lb carcass weight plus processing. Which means nothing till after I got my haul and figured that it was just over $8.50/lb meat wise.

The Primalist said...

Awesome, good for you! When I got my first beef order a couple of years ago, I remember being SUPER excited about it :P And I'm already SUPER excited about the next one (still doing some research).

Aaron said...

I can't wait to get back and start in on the buffalo. This may sound wonky, but there's something about the buffalo being native to where I live (and the whole midwest really) that just makes me feel more connected by it all.