Friday, May 31, 2013

Aspen Delays

Well, I should be on a plane headed for Portland right at this moment, but instead I'm at home standing in the blaring sunlight writing this.  Weather delays.  One of the very few things that get on my nerves (it's too windy today).  I'd say 4 out of every ten times I come or go from here I'm delayed in some fashion, often till the following day.  It's not so much the weather that irks me, it's the whole throw a wrench in the plans and the hassle of rebooking.  I've been inconvenienced because it's been too snowy, too cloudy, too windy and because some radar thingy was out of order for a few weeks (I had to fly out of Vail on that occasion).  Drives me nuts.

Now this has nothing to do with the aeroport itself ... that I really like.  It's very small and therefore has a short security line and it's very close to town.  So close in fact that I walk or ride my bike in the summer.  Know anyone else who rides their bike to the aeroport?  Didn't think so.  I also noticed today that they got rid of the millimeter wave scanning machine.  They had it in February so they must've ditched it recently.  They just had plain old metal detectors.  I'm down with that.

I don't have much planned for the visit.  Mostly just hang out with the family.  It's suppose to be real nice weather!  One day I do have to go to a UNFI table top show where hundreds of vendors showcase the latest and greatest grocery products.  Kind of a circus really, especially since these days I'm all about fresh foods, but it is my 'profession' so I guess it's best to keep abreast of all the happenings.

The Paleo food cart that opened in Portland last June (I visited and blogged about it a year ago) now has two more locations, one just opening this week (the carts are called Cultured Caveman).  That's an encouraging sign I must say.  I wonder if Portland, or any other city for that matter, is ready for an indoor Paleo/Primal restaurant? 


MAS said...

Don't know if you are a coffee fan, but I put together this post on the PDX coffee scene.

Aaron said...

Thanks MAS. I actually don't like coffee because I think it tastes bitter. I've been told that if you have some high quality stuff, it can be smooth. Actually, the owner of Two Leaves tea company told me that Stumptown coffee fit in this category and that I should try it (I notice you said you've tried them up in Seattle)

Since I'm a neophyte in this area, I'm afraid most of the cool nuances of a small, neighborhood roaster would be lost on me. Although, I would have a much easier time getting my bro and his wife to partake in this type of excursion as opposed to Cultured Caveman.

The Primalist said...

I second Stumptown. I never liked the taste of coffee till I tried theirs. I didn't even need to put any cream in it (!!). It's worth trying just to experience that. Although I had it when I went for brunch at Mother's (PDX). But then when I went to the actual coffee shop, I got an iced coffee and it wasn't as good. Maybe their iced stuff is less premium? Dunno. I'm no coffee expert - 99% of the time I just drink tea.

Aaron said...

We passed by the downtown coffee shop but I didn't feel the urge to go in and try it. I will someday ... I just have to be in the mood.

I did notice that some stores up there carried cold, bottled Stumptown coffee on their shelves. If nothing else, it says they're popular in that area.