Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Helping Others

I don't have anything lined up work wise for when I move to Oregon.  I'm going to take a break first and think about things while I just enjoy being with the family for the holidaze. 

Always in the back of my mind though, I think about helping others.  Is there anything I can offer or do to help others become healthier so that they may enjoy their lives more?  I feel like I have a lot of knowledge and personal experience in this area, but I don't necessarily see myself as doing anything more than just setting an example.  And this blog has been exactly that ... me sharing my experiences and thoughts and using this space as a creative outlet for my own good.  On the flip side, I do think there are lots and lots of people who very much want to feel better but are frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed with the information out there and could use some basic guidance.  Not everyone is fortunate enough to find stuff on their own that makes sense and works for them.   And there is the key.  The Wonka golden ticket - finding stuff that works for you. 

So, what does basic guidance in helping people find what works for them entail?  Information?  Of course.  Instruction?  Sure.  Igniting a desire for the person to become responsible for their own health through their decisions and actions?  Well, no doubt.  But a lot of people feel like health and nutrition information is confusing and contradictory.  And many have had instruction or taken classes that ultimately did not end in lasting results.  These things dampen the enthusiasm people have for believing they can permanently change their health for the better.  This scenario is no longer becoming an acceptable option in my opinion.  Look around.  Look at the state of health of our nation as a whole.  Maybe I'm fit and healthy, and maybe I hang out with some others that are too, but this is not the direction we're headed in as a society.  And this trend is going to become a burden for us all.  Financially of course, but far more importantly for people's overall happiness.  For their enjoyment of life and their ability to contribute to bettering this whole planet we all call home.  The deteriorating health of us as a species is nothing short of threatening our very existence.  The more unhealthy people there are, the more unhappy people there are.  Helping individuals become healthy is a grassroots effort to helping make the whole world a happier, safer, and ultimately better place for us all to live.  

WOW.  I'm not quite sure where that rant came from.  Writing down your thoughts can certainly help bring about and cement ideas that have been floating around in one's head now can't they?

Anyway, I think the feeling of wanting to help others is just a part of being human, something that's hardwired in us somehow.  It probably goes back to helping the tribe, helping in the ultimate success of survival.  There are of course many ways to help out as well.  Better health through nutrition and fitness just happens to be my cup of tea in this regard. 

No matter what I end up doing, I am excited to reach out and actually meet some like minded people in my future new home.  There aren't that many crazy people like me up here in the mountains.  Well, paleo/primal crazy that is.  Lots of actual crazy people here though


MAS said...

What part of Oregon are you moving to?

Aaron said...

The Portland burbs ... Beaverton to be exact. I don't know if I'll end up there but that is where my brother and his family live.