Sunday, July 22, 2012

O.I.A. V

I've been wrapped up in watching the Tour de France the past three weeks as usual, and I have a funny story to tell related to it.

There is a guy who works in the hardware store below the market who's become a friend as we occasionally have lunch out in the courtyard at the same time.  He actually enters chili contests and has qualified for the world championships in Tennessee this year (in green chili so far).  Anyway, he enjoys watching any kind of sports on the tele and knows I geek out on cycling, and the Tour de France in particular.  So, he's been watching the stages at night and the other day he came up to me while I was working in aisle 2 and asked a question.

It was after stage 17 where Valverde took the mountain top win and Froome and Wiggo were close behind.  He wanted to know why Froome had obviously waited for his team leader while it was clear he could've forged ahead and likely taken the stage win himself.  I glanced over my friends shoulder, noticing a Couple looking at some products, and then explained to him the answer about being a good teammate and all, and how Froome had already won a stage.  We got to discussing it and how it looked like the two riders were talking about the situation between themselves as they were racing.  I jokingly stated that Froome was probably asking Wiggo if he had forgotten to dope up that morning, and then my friend chimes in that maybe he was trying to offer him his water bottle with the 'good stuff' (I love watching cycling and always will, but I'm under no illusions about its rampant doping problems).  We had a chuckle about that and he headed off while I got back to work.

As I go by the Couple who were right behind us on the aisle the whole time, I notice that the dude is Barry Bonds.  Yes, that Barry Bonds!

Now, what are the odds of that?

I suppose it would've been slightly more ironic if it was Lance Armstrong.  But only slightly.  (I've sat next to L.A. at a restaurant in town before as he's a part time Aspenite these days)

Only in Aspen.

By the way, Bonds wife/girlfriend is smoking hot.  And he doesn't seem quite as big as he used to be ... hmmmm.  Maybe television does put on 10 pounds ;)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exception to the Rule

Living the good life
This picture, and I suppose this whole blog in general, is my reply to today's comment of the week on Mark's Daily Apple - Weekend Link Love edition (essentially saying that health food store employees are wimpy veg. heads).

I've been managing the 'Health Food' store here in Aspen since 1998.  Never been a vegetarian let alone a vegan. I order whole goats and quarter buffaloes.  I sprint fast and lift intensely (and safely).   And I'm not even new to this party ... I recall picking up a  copy of The No Grain Diet in 04' and The Paleo Diet for Athletes in 05'

Booyah.  On my own unique path as usual!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th

In an ironic twist of weather, it clouded up and rained all afternoon here.  Which is good for the fire danger, but not so good for all of the people who piled into town to celebrate.  Ah well, at least it was fine for the parade which started at noon.  We always have a nice little hometown parade with firetrucks, veterans, kids on bikes, horses, dogs ... you know, the usual stuff.

And speaking of the parade, when I walked up to view a half hour or so of the fun during my lunch break as I do every year, there was a moment that had me in stitches laughing so hard that I just have to share.  Unfortunately, I have to use a stock photo of what happened as I don't have one of those fancy phones with a camera and everything.  As a matter of fact, I do believe I have one of the oldest working cell phones in the country.  I suppose I could go get a fancy new one, but I figure if the thing is going to keep on ticking, I might as well  honor it's durability.  Seriously, in cell phone years my phone is like 752.  Right, anyway, back to the story.  New in the parade this year was the gang from Bleeker Street gym.  This is a longtime 'meathead' gym here in town.  As in a bodybuilding gym - not a CrossFit type one (I do think we have one of those here now too, but it's not on my radar).  On their way down the parade route they had a few big dudes taking turns flipping a huge ass tire down the middle of the street. 

It was impressive in a tire flipping sort of way if you know what I mean, but what had me laughing so hard was when they passed by, one of the people in the crowd near me yelled   'Hey, it's a wheel ... just roll it!'

Exactly.  Why do we always have to make things so complicated anyway?

Happy Birthday America.