Monday, July 22, 2013

Picture Post II

Time for another picture post.  First up is a pic I forgot about that I took while I was in a local store in Portland.  It was above the dairy cooler and as was marked as being taken in 1936.  As you can read on the side of the truck, they had pasteurized AND raw milk and cream.  That's nuts!  That's like listening to Country AND Western music.  Batshit crazy I tell ya.

Here are some of our local emergency response vehicles painted up by Portraits of Hope for this summer and fall.  It looks kind of silly at first, but check out their site to see what they're all about.  Neat stuff.

I was on a walk about town tonight and snapped a few images.  This one is of someone's front door.  I'll bet they picked it up at Home Depot for a couple of hundred.  On second thought, that might be custom made

Wagner park downtown on a beautiful summers evening.  The three story building you see is the Wheeler Opera house.  Three stories is as tall as you're allowed in town.  No big signs or billboards either.  We do happen to have a McDonald's, but unless you were within 30ft of it, you wouldn't know it.  Kind of nice that way.

Another beautiful sunset tonight.  Stringing them together this summer.

Taco's are Paleo right?  When was the last time you saw, let alone had, one of these puppies?  Mmmmm, chaco tacos.

Click on any of the images to make them larger.  Definitely check out that door in a larger size ... that thing is, well, quite some door.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Still here

I'm still around, just not posting much obviously.  I suppose I pretty much have things on cruise control as far as the paleo lifestyle is concerned.  My base nutrition and exercise are solid.  I stray now and again, and I probably eat more chocolate than most, but my busy days at work and unbroken metabolism allow that.  I tweak things here and there and have intentions to write about them on occasion, but it hasn't panned out that way so far.  Little things like dropping the everyday avocado from my lunch menu.  Not exactly headline stuff.

Anyway, summer is gorgeous as usual in Aspen and I'm working hard at the store.  I'm taking extra special attention to soak everything in this time around as some changes may be headed my way in the near future.  I went for a little hike up Red Butte today and shot this video: