Thursday, February 19, 2015

What's Next?

Hey, what's happening World?  Believe it or not, I didn't fall off the face of the earth.  Nope, I just got bored of writing blog posts.  I started this site to share my experiences with nutrition and exercise, and to use it as a tool for mental muscle building (as writing is not my forte, if you couldn't tell), but this last year I kind of felt like I was just reporting more of the goings-on in my life.  However, my life is nowhere near interesting enough to be writing about, trust me on this one. 

I continue to be fascinated with nutrition and lifestyle and keep up with reading and listening to podcasts.  I also recently began working in the whole health section of a home grown market here in Oregon and have re-immersed myself with the world of nutritional supplements, which has been a lot of fun.  And of course, I still tinker with my diet and exercise, as I believe I always will.  

So, I'm not quite sure where that leaves me.  I enjoy trying to extract thoughts from my brain and put them into some kind of coherent monologue on 'paper', but I pretty much got the core of what I wanted to say out.  The bits now are really just tweaks and twiddles to the routine.  

Perhaps a next course of direction for me will be to write about supplements.  Not as an encyclopedia of what's what (lots of that out there already), but as a 'retailers' look at what I see.  Basically, me just writing out my thoughts on some things to cement them in my mind better.  Actually sounds like kind of a plan, we'll see.

Anyway, ironically, I'll leave with one bit of fluff, a picture of the Paleo food stall in Copenhagen that my mom and I ate at while we were visiting there.  I believe they were the first to officially use the term Paleo in the restaurant biz.