Friday, February 3, 2012

Is That Enough ?

I've been thinking a lot lately.  More than usual I suppose.

A lot about What to do?  To put it bluntly, I find myself overwhelmed with thoughts and underwhelmed with action.

Oh, I talk the talk and walk the walk with my eating, exercise, and lifestyle in general, but is that enough?  I often lead by example with my day to day actions and gladly answer questions as to why I choose this path, but is that enough?  I focus during exercise and try do the same with my family, and at work, and when helping others, but is that enough?

My nephew and I
It's more than some do and a lot less than others.  There are days when I want to move mountains and make the whole Planet a healthier and happier place to live, and then there are days I just want to be left alone.   But every day, I find myself thinking.  Wondering.  Contemplating.  Sometimes with hope, and sometimes with despair.  There's always so much to consider, so much to ruminate on.  I have to be careful not to fall into analysis paralysis.

Finding meaning in Life is what I'm getting at I guess.  Is it enough to live healthy and to try and help others do the same?  Sure, it's noble, and perhaps a quest that is never-ending as we better discover ourselves and those around us.  But is it enough?

I propose that it is not.  At least, it's incomplete if we do not include Love and Respect in our actions.  In our actions towards ourselves, our actions towards others and our actions towards our Planet.  All of our actions really. 

Thinking about it more and more, it's all well and good to have focus and intent like I previously talked about in What If, but is focus enough without Love and Respect?  Focus is good, really good in fact.  But when we add Love and Respect to it, then we begin to find meaning in what it is that we're doing.  Not only what we're doing at this very moment, but what we're doing with our very lives.

I suppose I'm getting a bit grandiose in my hierarchy of thinking these days.  Shoot, if we all lived our lives listening to our bodies, focused on our actions with Love and Respect for everything and everyone around us, then the World would be quite a different place.

You know what though? ... I think I would really like that World.

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