Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'm off to Portland, Oregon tomorrow to see the family and for some R & R.  Mama Aspen Paleo is headed up there too, and will return with me to Aspen for a few days on her way home.  She's been Paleo/Primal for a year and a half now and enjoys making different recipes, whereas I pretty much eat the same things over and over (but I likes them).  So it's always nice to have her make a meal or two.

Until she arrive though, I'm on my own ... my sister in law is a Register Dietician.  A regular one.  Enough said eh?  We basically agreed not to talk nutrition a long time ago as there isn't much we see eye to eye on.  They don't seem to mind me eating different foods as long as I time my meals so we can all sit down together.  That's cool.  And on vacation I 'cheat' a little anyways so maybe to them I don't look completely nuts.  Eh, I take that back, I'm quite sure they think I'm bonkers.

Time and travel permitting, I hope to get out to the new Cultured Caveman food cart.  Looks pretty cool.  It is way on the other side of town though, so we'll see.  Geesh, I think I've gotten used to being a small town boy. 

I haven't had the urge to sit down and write a lot of posts lately.  I think that mostly has to do with the gorgeous weather.  I just want to be outside soaking in the sunshine.  Perhaps I'm just a fowl weather blogger.  I've noticed though, that a lot of the bloggers I follow have decreased output as well ... I'll bet it is indeed the weather.  I would like to put together a few posts concerning some thoughts I have about exercise and how I goes about it myself these days.  Anyway, ciao for now.

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The Primalist said...

I was on vacation in Phoenix this week, and my plane briefly stopped over in Portland. I wish that food cart was closer to the airport! If you try it, report back!