Saturday, March 2, 2013

Last of the Goat

This one really came out of nowhere.  As in, because of this and the timing of that and blah, blah, blah, I had absolutely no foresight as to these ingredients coming together.  But I'm sure glad they did, as this was one of the better meals I've ever prepared. 

So what's in that colorful bowl?
  • Sauteed carrot and some beet (first time I've purchased veggies in months - very spring like day here is the culprit).  
  • Goat tongue - simmered all day, then peeled and sauteed with the veggies.
  • Sweet potato - boiled
  • 3 eggs - whites cooked, yolks raw
  • lemon juice and pink salt
Not the best presentation, but man was it good

All washed down liberally with Kerrygold, of course.  Yummers.  This is the first time I've had goat tongue, and I quite liked it.  Reminded me of heart - a meaty flavor and texture with no fat to it.  I'm glad I simmered them all day (there were a couple) as I could see this cut being way too tough if one didn't do this first.  In the very back of my mind this was the one bit of offal that I thought I might slightly, possibly, be squeamish about ... not the finished product, but the peeling of it.  I was fine, but maybe the buffalo tongue will be different as that thing is like 3 pounds.

I mentioned it was a very spring like day here.  There was abundant sunshine with temps in the low 40's.  In fact, it was so nice that I cracked the door open for some fresh air.  Upon telling Mama Aspen Paleo this, who lives in south Florida, she informed me that they had closed their doors because it was soooo cold outside at 60 degrees.  Somebody is getting a little soft, eh 


The Primalist said...

Woah, that's almost a recipe ;)

I've never had goat tongue. I can understand the squeamishness - it's one of the few parts of an animal that actually resembles something other than "meat". And of course it also resembles the human tongue. We're all rah-rah for eating nose-to-tail, but generally prefer those noses and tails to look nothing like what they actually are :P I don't think that food resembling what it actually is would be a trend that would catch on..

Aaron said...

Ohmigosh, that is almost a recipe! I'd better take it down before there's a run on goat tongues :)

I'll take a pic of the buffalo tongue when a I cook that baby up.

I guess we, as a society, are taking baby steps back to nose to tail cooking and eating. Just think how bizarre this stuff would've seemed here in the seventies.