Tuesday, December 17, 2013

School fiber

I was with my bro picking up his kids from elementary school the other day when I snapped the two pics below of the bottom portion of their lunch and breakfast menus (pickup is in the cafeteria).  Since they're a little hard to read I'll just recap and tell you that they use the words whole grain/wheat and fiber a whopping 14 TIMES in the bullet points!

Those unsuspecting kids must have a serious whole grain deficiency.  I imagine most of them get nothing but meat, eggs and veggies at home.  Poor little guys.  Not to worry though, the school, following the government guidelines, will make it all better.  Horror the thought that one might actually want to minimize this stuff in their diet.  No room for lost souls I suppose.

Makes me pity the janitors in our schools with the amount of insoluble fiber being served up these days.  Yikes.

Oh yeah, they offer 1% white milk or fat free chocolate milk.  Conventional Wisdom is alive and kicking my friends.  Alive and thriving actually.

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