Monday, September 1, 2014

Gluten Salt

While cruising a strip mall in the greater Beaverton metropolitan area I spotted this on an Asian restaurant window menu:

Now, either they have an incredibly dry sense of humor and are mocking gluten free, or they lack imagination in making sauces.  I hope some slick salesman didn't pull a fast one and get them to buy gluten free salt in addition to their regular salt!!

Seriously though, what we likely have here is a proprietor knowing that customers are asking for gluten free items but having no idea what that means in practice.  They probably scratch their head and think 'these crazy people'.  Ironically, I imagine most traditional Asian food WAS gluten free and it is only now that gluten pops up in all manner of products.

It reminds me of people born and raised in the post Depression years who now scoff at 'organic' foods like fruits and vegetables.  Some of them truly think it's a scam because they didn't have organic way back when.  However, the sad part is that their food was by and large organic back then and it is NOW that it's different.  Someone, or a group of someones, changed the rules without upsetting the apple cart so to speak.  

Okay, I'm just ranting at this point, but I truly did get a chuckle from the above gluten free sauce menu items.  I can just hear it now 'Yes, I'd like your gluten free salt and pepper sesame oil sauce' 

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