Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finding Information

My intent with this series, and with this blog in general, is to write down my experiences and thoughts about the Primal Lifestyle.  I'm going to start with a foundation series where I map out my journey with what I think are some of the basic tenets.  This first one is going to be about the FOOD.

I wanted to preface with the above paragraph because I would like to make clear that I do not intend to discuss or debate what is or is not exactly Paleo or Primal, or what the science tells us today, or what our ancestors did in regards to food and exercise.  All of this stuff is very relevant and necessary to consider, but there are so many others out there in the Paleosphere with way more brain power than I have that seem to find no lack of words on these topics.  I should know because I've been reading up on this subject everyday for years now.

Z Man
 Post break.  My friend just brought over her cat because he's not feeling so well.  Might be something in her apartment, so he's going to hang with me for the night.  That's him over there in the pic.  Okay, back to Paleo talk...

If you want in depth analysis and information about these ideas I highly recommend checking out the 'What I read' links and my blogroll on the sidebar.  All of these sites have jumps to other links that they in turn recommend, and some even have great books that they themselves have authored.  If your like me, you will read a few books and then settle in with some favorite sites and blogs that you reference frequently.

Information overload is easily possible.  But don't let this be an excuse to throw your hands up and say that there is too much to learn or that nobody agrees on what is healthy and what is not.  There is debate out there to be sure ... but you need to take in what information you can handle, decide what makes sense to you, and then apply the things that work for your current situation.  In the end, nobody can just tell you the exact path to leading a healthier life.  We're all different and our bodies respond in different ways.  You can hire people to help you make these choices, but I suspect that if your eyes are falling on these words then you have at least taken to some measure of gathering information for yourself.  Good on you for that!

Okay, this post has become more of a primer on how it's empowering to find health information, and how we need to make our own decisions with this knowledge.  So I guess I'll just finish with a though on this subject and then start talking about my experiences next time.

Part of what I dig about this Paleo/Primal movement is how bottom up it is.  There aren't any large corporations (or governments for that matter) that are involved yet.  If anything, these big guys are fighting against us because of our potential to take away from their bottom lines.  One way to look at it is that most of the people who are writing, reporting, analyzing, and sharing these ideas aren't getting rich from it - I'd say most aren't getting paid at all.  This lifestyle is spreading because it is relatively fun and easy to implement, and ends up working for a good lot of people.  A growing number of people out there are living proof.

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