Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pocket Chocolate

I'm going to let you in on a little secret ... On most days, if you were to reach into one of my back pockets at about 11 am, you would find yourself some tasty dark chocolate.  It's in there warming up, getting ready for me to devour it after lunch.  You see, dark chocolate is more flavorful at a slightly warm temperature.  And as I've figured out, in your back pocket for about an hour is just perfect.  At least in my back pocket it is - your back pocket may vary.  There is one thing to be careful of though: if you're having lunch outside in the summer and your backside is in the Sun, you have to remove the chocolate.  Otherwise it'll start to melt, and that's no bueno.  And messy.

Its just one of those odd things that my strange brain has figured out.  Like eating avocados and sardines together.  Anyway, my current favorite is the bar in the picture.  Its yummy. 

I go in streaks where I eat too much of the stuff (like now), but the way I look at it, there certainly are much worse addictions.  When I slide that bar of chocolate into my pocket, a big smile comes across my face.  My lunch will have a perfect ending yet again!

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