Saturday, June 30, 2012


We've been pretty lucky so far up here considering all of the fires going off around the state.  Occasionally there will be a smokey, hazy day, but that we can handle.  Lately I've been especially reminded of all that's happening by some spectacular colors at sunset caused by the fires.  Mother Nature can be cruel and beautiful all at once.

There is, of course, major fire bans/restrictions all over right now.  Our 4th of July fireworks display was cancelled weeks ago.  I'd be surprised if anyone in the state is allowed to have them at this point.  I suppose we'll just have to substitute with 'Sunset displays' instead.  Here's hoping for some rain soon.

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The Primalist said...

We're getting some of that haze all the way up here in Vancouver - it's detracting from our ocean/mountain views :P Ah, problems...