Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ronde van Vlaanderen

Quick programming note, de Ronde (the Tour of Flanders) is live on the NBC Sports Network tomorrow beginning at 8:30 am Eastern.  I think coverage should last about 2 hours, but it's live so you never know.

I'm not going to give updates as to when cycling coverage is or anything, I was just thinking that if I had to recommend only one race to watch on the tube all year this would be it.  I've been watching cycling a very long time and love it for how well it 'presents' on television with cameras from motorcycles and helicopters covering all angles, including outstanding views of the Countryside.  It's almost like getting a free tour of another Country ... and in this case the Flemish part of Belgium.
Koppenberg 1987

This particular race is also famous for its numerous short and steep Muur's (or wall in English).  Some of them are even made of cobblestones.  The most famous of these, the Koppenberg, is where, in 1987, the race director tried to drive around the current leader, Jesper Skibby, but instead ran over his wheels.

The 158 mile trek through the hills of Belgium has the makings to be a monster battle between the Swiss Time Machine Fabian (Spartacus) Cancellara and Belgian Superstar Tom Boonen.  Or will some young gun like Slovakian Peter Sagan or Aussie Matt Goss be the first to cross the line.  Should be fun to watch.

Another day at the Office
If you miss this one, Paris Roubaix is being contested, and again shown live on the NBC Sports Network, exactly one week later.  Although this race is a touch more famous, it's flatter and doesn't look as good on television.

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